A Klingon Christmas Carol

Playwrights: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom & Sasha Walloch
Translated by: Laura Thurston, Bill Hedrick, and Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Additional Content and Translation by: Chris Lipscombe
Lyrics to qu'wI' by: Terrence Donnelly



The Cast & Crew

    Narrator Elizabeth Richards
    SQuja' (Scrooge) Clark Bender
    QachIt (Bob Cratchit) Chris Lysy
    vreD (Fred) Matty Robinson
    Huch Qoy'wI' 1 (Fundraiser) Amanda Raudabaugh
    Huch Qoy'wI' 2 (Fundraiser) Mark Lancaster
    marlI' (Jacob Marley) Brendan Stallings
    Kahless Past (Christmas Past) Timothy Sullivan
    Qe'pa (a youth) Jean Monfort
    Qob (a youth) Chris Lysy
    Young SQuja (Young Scrooge) Matt Gieschen
    van (Fannie) Ali Kidder-Mostrom
    veSIwIq (Fezziwig) Maximillian Lapine
    wIlqInS (Dick Wilkins) Stephen Dale
    bel (Belle) Amanda Raudabaugh
    Warrior 1 Brendan Stallings
    Warrior 2 Celeste Burns
    Warrior 3 Jean Monfort
    Guest I Maximillian Lapine
    Guest II Stephen Dale
    Guest III Dave Gonzalez
    Kahless Present Mark Lancaster
    marja' (Mrs. Fred) Jean Monfort
    emlI' (Mrs. Cratchit) Ali Kidder-Mostrom
    marDa' (Martha Cratchit) Celeste Burns
    tImHom (Tiny Tim) Himself (Operated by Timothy Sullivan)
    (Corruption)(A creature) Amanda Raudabaugh
    (Apathy)(A creature) Matt Gieschen
    Kahless Yet-To-Come Timothy Sullivan
    Merchant Dave Gonzalez
    Seller Matty Robinson
    Boy Celeste Burns


    Director: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
    Assistant Director:  Tiffany Keane
    Stage Manager:  Shandee Vaughan
    Fight Choreographer: Mark Lancaster
    Fight Captain: Dave Gonzalez
    Costume Design: kClare Kemock
    Set Design: Ian Mostrom
    Sound Design: Joe Griffin
    Prosthetic Design: Bill Hedrick
    Props Design: Nikki Marquardt
    Weapon Master: Marc Malnekoff
    Language Coach:  Jeremy Cowan
    Assistant Stage Manager: Josephine Cahill
    Puppet Design: Kat Pleviak & Josh Zagoren