Auditions for Van Gogh Plays

Commedia Beauregard is looking for 10-15 actors of various types for its next Master Works production. This show is made up of six short plays based on the works of Vincent Van Gogh. Six paintings, six playwrights, six plays! Plays are by local playwrights Ellen Cribbs, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Rory Leahy, Jason Lindner, Alberto Mendoza & Sean Margaret Wagner. The show offers a fun blend of genius and insanity – not unlike the painter.

Time Commitment:
Performances are May 2-5, 2013 at the Raven Theatre (6157 N Clark). Each play will have approximately five rehearsals in April, scheduled to accommodate each director and set of actors. Tech rehearsals are April 28-May 1.

Material To Prepare:
90-second (or shorter) contemporary monologue. Be prepared to read from the scripts. Auditions will be held in 5 minute slots.

Audition Dates:

Mar 24 12:30-3pm
Mar 25 6:30-10pm

To schedule an audition, email with your name, phone #, and the time slot which you would prefer. Please, also attach a headshot and resume. to

Audition Location:
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble
5775 N. Ridge Avenue
Chicago, IL

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Commedia Beauregard is a non-profit theatre company that produces theatre in Chicago and Minneapolis/Saint Paul. The company is dedicated to producing theatre in translation. This often means works form one language into another. However, the company does explore what it means to translate, as well. Commedia Beauregard has been making theatre since 1999. It relocated its permanent base of operations to Chicago in 2011.

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