Commedia Beauregard Company Members

Christopher O. Kidder
Artistic Director

Chris founded Commedia Beauregard in 1999.  He served as the company's Artistic Director since its inception.  He has also worked with many regional theatres including Theatre de la Jeune Lune, In The Basement Productions, Pillsbury House Theatre, History Theater, Children's Theater Company, Theater Pro Rata.  Chris is a Moderator for GTC Dramatic Dialogs which tours shows to college campuses addressing issues such as Diversity, Drug and Alcohol Use, and Sexual Communication.  Chris is a graduate of Morningside College (BA, Theatre Arts), and received his MFA in Playwriting from the University of New Orleans.

Crystal G. Schneider
Associate Artistic Director/Project Coordinator

Crystal relocated to the Twin Cities in January 2009 and first served Commedia Beauregard as Assistant Director for their production of R.U.R. (Rossumís Universal Robots).  She has since served as Assistant Director at History Theatre, Cromulent Shakespeare Company and Park Square Theatre, and directed in Commedia Beauregardís Master Works series.  Crystal works as an Artistís Model in the greater Twin Cities area and a consultant to her familyís ministry, Biblical Women, Inc.  Crystal is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa (BA, Theatre).

Sasha Walloch
Managing Director/Artistic Associate

Sasha has been a member of  Commedia Beauregard since 2001.  She has also worked with Pangea World Theater, Nightpath Theter, Cromulent Shakespeare Company, Lex-Ham Theater, In The Basement Productions, and nimbus theatre.  Additionally, she starred in the role of "13" on Channel 45's Horror, Incorporated for three seasons.  Sasha is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (BA, Theatre Arts).

Erin Haynes
Artistic Associate

Erin joined Commedia Beauregard as a company member in the fall of 2006.  Her stage credits include Chanhassen Dinner Theaters, The Mystery Cafe, ITBP, and Cromulent Shakespeare Company. Erin also works behind the scenes as Wig Assistant and Wardrobe at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Just to keep herself occupied, Erin also works as a teacher in the Talented and Gifted Program in the Osseo Area School District. She is a graduate of Northwestern College in Roseville.

Michael Bruckmueller
Artistic Associate

Michael's first production with Commedia Beauregard was "Julie's Unfortunate Arrangement" in the Spring of 2008.  He quickly became a regular member of Commedia Beauregard's casts, and an indispensible part of the staff as the resident Dialect and Vocal Coach.  He can regularly be seen as a company member of ComedySportz, as well.  Michael has degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University (MFA, Theatre Education: Voice & Speech) and the University of Minnesota-Duluth (BFA, Theatre Performance).



CommBeau Who's Who List (Alumni)

  • Kieran Adcock-Starr, Actor
  • Leah Adcock-Starr, Director
  • Michael Agnew, Director
  • Joel P. Anderson, Actor & Translator
  • Trista Baldwin, Playwright
  • Melissa Bechthold, Actor
  • Heidi Berg, Actor
  • Jody Blindauer, Actor
  • Blake E. Bolan, Actor
  • Greg Bonine-Giles, Playwright
  • Celesta Brainard, Actor
  • Starr Brainard, Actor
  • Andrew Brown-Thomas, Actor
  • Michael Bruckmueller, Actor & Dialect Coach
  • Ann Brummer, Actor
  • Alex Bruno, Actor
  • Kate Bruno, Actor
  • Ben Chadwick, Actor & Master Carpenter
  • Andy Chambers, Actor
  • Nathaniel Churchill, Actor
  • Alan Cloud, Director & Actor
  • Bill Corbett, Playwright
  • Lisa Day, Playwright
  • Nick Decker, Actor
  • Madelyn DeFrey, Actor
  • Abby DeSanto, Actor, Composer & Musician
  • Alyn Divine, Documentary Director
  • Jamie Dix, Actor
  • Jesse Dorst, Actor
  • Kat Duvic, Company Member
  • Michael Edmond, Actor
  • Don Eitel, Director & Composer
  • Katherine Engel, Actor
  • Matthew A. Everett, Playwright
  • George Farr, Actor
  • Ken Favell, Actor
  • Matt Franta, Actor & Fight Choreographer
  • Tina Frederickson, Actor
  • Mark Abel Garcia, Technician
  • Garry Geiken, Actor
  • Meredith Gillies, Stage Manager & House Manager
  • Wynter D. Gingery, Asst. Stage Manager
  • Matthew Glover, Actor & Playwright
  • Forest Godfrey, Designer
  • Alexandra Gowdy-Jaehnig, Stage Manager
  • John Gregory, Actor & Fight Choreographer
  • Bryan Grosso, Actor
  • Kate Greenwood Gunther, Actor
  • Jane Hammill, Actor
  • Kelvin Hatle, Actor
  • Erin Haynes, Actor, Designer, Music Director, & Asst. Director
  • Betsy Head, Actor
  • Jenna Healy, Actor
  • A. Emily Heaney, Designer
  • Bill Hedrick, Actor, Designer & Translator
  • Brian Hesser, Actor
  • Fletcher Hirom, Stage Manager
  • Suzin Hoagland, Actor
  • Shawn Hoffman, Actor
  • Kenton Holden, Actor
  • Katharine Horowitz, Designer
  • Jeff Huset, Actor
  • Maija Jaaska, Actor
  • Yefei Jin, Actor
  • Kjersten Johnson, Actor
  • Robin Johnson, Director
  • Addison Johnston, Actor
  • Katie Kaufmann, Actor
  • Christopher Kehoe, Actor
  • Kari Kelly, Actor
  • Daniel J. Kempen, Actor
  • Christopher O. Kidder, Actor, Director, Playwright, Translator, & Designer
  • Tim Kidder, Actor
  • Markell Kiefer, Actor
  • Tera Kilbride, Actor
  • Nick Kiminski, Actor
  • Bob King, Actor
  • Aaron Konigsmark, Actor
  • Billie Jo Konze, Sales Director
  • Niki Korth, Sales Associate
  • Dani Krivinchuk, Actor
  • Katherine Kupiecki, Actor
  • Ben Layne, Actor
  • Mozelle LeCompte, Actor
  • Michael Lee, Actor
  • Laura Leffler-McCabe, Director
  • David Lind, ASL Choreographer
  • Allegra Lingo, Actor, Musician & Playwright
  • Ty Mabley, Actor
  • Dawn Malicsi, Actor
  • Jerry Marzullo, Actor
  • Katie Rose McLaughlin, Actor
  • Jack McClure, Actor
  • Asha Menina, Actor
  • Yasha Meyer, Actor
  • Mark Monfils, Stage Manager
  • Paul Montag, Sales Director
  • Scot Moore, Actor
  • Stephen J. Moore, Designer
  • George Muellner, Actor
  • Megan Murphy, Actor
  • Katherine Museus, Actor
  • Jeff Myhre, Actor & Director
  • Eva Nelson, Actor
  • Jennifer Nesbitt, Actor
  • Julie Ann Nevill, Actor
  • Andrew Northrop, Actor
  • Natalie Novacek, Director
  • Brian O'Neal, Actor
  • Dan O'Neil, Playwright
  • Michael Ooms, Actor
  • Marc Okrand, Translator
  • Kyle Orf, Actor
  • Patricia Paul, Musician
  • Scott Pakudaitis, Director & Photographer
  • Jennifer Jo Peck, Designer & Run Crew
  • Ariel Pinkerton, Actor & Technician
  • Elisa Pluhar, Actor
  • Tom Poole, Playwright
  • David Pust, Actor
  • Joel Rainville, Actor
  • Jen Rand, Actor, Graphic Designer & Company Member
  • Sheila Regan, Actor & Playwright
  • Julia Reisinger, Technician
  • George Richard, Actor
  • Stephan Robberts, Actor
  • Becca Rodgers, Stage Manager
  • Lana Rosario, Actor
  • Nick Ryan, Playwright
  • Derek Sandbeck, Designer
  • A.M. Scott, Playwright
  • David Schlosser, Actor & Playwright
  • Joanna Schmolke, Actor
  • Crystal G. Schneider, Director, Assistant Director & Dramaturg
  • Neil Schneider, Actor
  • Jane Schrantz, Actor
  • Anna Shields, Actor
  • Jean Shore, Actor
  • Tegan Sickeler, Actor
  • Tim Siragusa, Playwright
  • Max Sparber, Dramaturg
  • Alan Stage, Actor
  • Sandra Struthers, Actor
  • Liz Swabey-Keith, Actor
  • David Talarico, Actor & Puppeteer
  • Helen Ann Thomas, Actor
  • Mel Thorne, Stage Manager & Company Manager
  • Laura Thurston, Actor, Language Coach & Translator
  • Dixie Treichel, Designer
  • Jolene Turner, Actor
  • Abbey Vargo, Stage Manager & Supertitle Operator
  • Michael Venske, Actor
  • Sasha Walloch, Actor, Director, Playwright, Translator & Designer
  • Corey Walton, Actor
  • Brian Watson-Jones, Actor
  • Allen Weeks, Designer
  • Matt Wenge, Actor
  • Clarence Wethern, Actor & Company Member
  • Kirsten Wiegmann, Actor
  • Jared Wills, Actor
  • Lauren Wills, Actor
  • Katie Willer, Director & Production Assistant
  • Rob Withoff, Actor & Designer
  • Maretta Zilic, Actor

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