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Our Mission: 

Our mission is to translate the universal human experience to the stage: to expand our horizons and share knowledge of all cultures, translating between languages and between arts to create theater that is beautiful in expression.

Our History:

Commedia Beauregard was founded in 2000.  Its inaugural season included four productions—original one-act plays by Christopher O. Kidder, two plays by David Mamet and one by Tanqueray Lavoris (Timothy Siragusa).  In 2001, Commedia Beauregard was invited to become one of the resident companies of The Phoenix Playhouse as they relocated to St. Paul.  Once the relocation was complete, Commedia Beauregard presented a holiday show by Jack Sharkey.  The third season in 2002 brought an original show by David Schlosser for the MN Fringe Festival, and unfortunately, the demise of the Phoenix Playhouse.  Without a home to perform, Commedia Beauregard took a hiatus until reforming in 2006 for the MN Fringe Festival with a company-created, physical-based show called Screwed to the Sticking Place.  This show transitioned Commedia Beauregard into its current state and new mission revolving around works of translation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does "Commedia Beauregard" mean?
It means "Theatre that is beautiful in expression" when loosely translated.  We've been told by one Frenchman that it means "Theatre of the pretty face."  We guess we're okay with that, too.

Do you do Commedia Dell'Arte-style shows?
No.  We don't.  Although some of our shows are based in physical theatre methods, they tend to be more modern methods, and not limited to any one method of acting.  The word Commedia in our name refers to theatre in its entirety, not just that one form.

So you do modern shows as well as classical?
That's right.  Originally we only did modern works, but our new mission to perform translated works does tend to make us look to slightly earlier works, too.  But, we'll continue to perform modern works that are translated between languages or art forms.


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