December 8,  2007:  A Klingon Christmas Carol -- University of MN Saint Paul Student Center Theater

Translated by Qe'pa sutai-Qul, Qob zantai-Hurric, Q'DroS Kiln, and Doqtuj

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Performance 12/08/2007 -- SQuja' meets an old style Klingon

SQuja' (Michael Ooms) pleads his case with the Spirit of Kahless Past (Brian O'Neal) during the 2007 performance of "A Klingon Christmas Carol".

(Photo by Mark Simonson)

Performance 12/082007 -- vreD's Holiday Party

In Scene 9, a real party breaks out in the middle of a fight. vreD (Brian Watson-Jones, Center-Left) wins every match. Even this one against a worthy opponent (Scot Moore).

(Photo by Mark Simonson)

Performance 12/08/2007 -- Look! Supertitles!

The lines of the show were projected for the audience's benefit, as we assumed there were non-Klingon speakers present.

(Photo by Mark Simonson)

Rehearsal 11/21 -- No Time Like the Present

Rob Withoff gets his "ghost" on at rehearsal for "A Klingon Christmas Carol"

Reheasal 11/29 -- The director

Director Sasha Walloch arrives ready to lead this troupe into Klin-Theatre.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- New hair!

Commedia Beauregard Artistic Director Christopher O. Kidder tries on the new mane of glorious locks that will transform him into QachIt (Bob Crachit).

Rehearsal 11/29 -- An exact Science (Fiction)

Actor Rob Withoff is fitted for his wig/forehead combo.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- Ridges

The forehead and hair of QachIt.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- Getting started

A gathering of proud warriors prepare for glorious acting.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- Giving Direction

Director Sasha Walloch in action clarifying a point to actors Scot Moore and John Gregory.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- It's time to party!

veSIwIq (Bill Hedrick) and Young-SQuja' (Scot Moore) rehearse a scene of "A Klingon Christmas Carol" at the Youth Performance Company's studio space.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- Communications

Actors Scot Moore and Jen Rand make sure their Klingon communicators are synchronized.

Rehearsal 11/29 - SQuja' Needs Water

Actor Michael Ooms (SQuja') guards his most prized possession... the rehydration unit.

Rehearsal 11/29 -- Young SQuja' & bel

Scot Moore (L) and Erin Schroeder run through a scene between Young SQuja' and his love interest bel.

Rehearsal 12/1 -- Fight

Fight choreographer John Gregory leads the cast in a glorious battle.

Rehearsal 12/1 -- Fight 2

Instigating a fight in scene 9, actor Brian O'Neal pokes fun at vreD (played by Brian Watson-Jones)

Backstage 12/08 -- marlI' is ready to Rock!

The ghost of marlI' (Bill Hedrick) practices his menacing stance prior to the show.

(Photo by Scot Moore)

Post-Show 12/08/2007 -- The whole gang

The entire cast gathered together one last time after an exciting show.

(Photo by Abbey Vargo)

Backstage 12/08/2007 -- The Misfit

The lone Vulcan amongst many Klingons, Nathaniel Churchill guided the audience along this wild journey.

(Photo by Scot Moore)


Laura Thurston (L) and Sasha Walloch engage in a little holiday battle for "A Klingon Christmas Carol".

(Photo by Scott Pakudaitis)




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