January 2007:  The Jeweler's Shop -- Loading Dock Theater, 509 Sibley St, Saint Paul, MN

Directed by Christopher O. Kidder

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The most widely produced of the plays by Pope John Paul II, The Jeweler's Shop made its Off-Broadway debut in 1994. This poetic drama explores the aspects of human existence expressed through love and marriage. Three couples learn along the journey of life that we are all looking for the same thing – Love. Will they find it? One couple is torn apart by death of the husband, but their love lives on in their child. Another couple is tempted by infidelities. A third couple, about to unite, is made up of the children of the first two marriages. Will their union stand a chance? What does it mean to love? Newsday called this drama about love and family, "Marvelous. A message for our times." Gannett Newspapers described it as "surprisingly secular" and a "compelling evening of entertainment that touches the audience in unexpected ways."


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