October 2009:  Master Works: The Goya Plays -- Bryant-Lake Bowl Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Six plays inspired by works of Francisco Goya

written by
Trista Baldwin
Matthew Glover
Tom Poole
Shelia Regan
A. M. Scott
Sasha Walloch

directed by
Michael Agnew
Alan Cloud
Robin Johnson
Christopher O. Kidder
Scott Pakudaitis
Crystal Schneider

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Local artists team up to translate six masterpieces of the famous Spanish painter to the stage.  From the noble beauty of court life to the nightmarish visions of a cynical old man, “The Goya Plays,” like the painter, promise a scrumptious blend of genius and insanity.

Commedia Beauregard has returned to the world of fine art for another series of plays translated from paintings. This time we feature the works of Francisco Goya. Six locally & nationally recognized Twin Cities playwrights and six talented directors bring forth creations based on works such as: "The Colossus", "The Chinchillas", "Out Hunting for Teeth", "Celestina y Maja", "The Incantation", and "Clothed Maja" & "Nude Maja".


Poole, Baldwin Scripts Honored for Goya Plays

"Master Works: The Goya Plays" was a huge success, and the audience surveys have been tallied giving us the privilege of presenting honors to two of our playwrights.  Tom Poole's play, The Chinchillas and Trista Baldwin's play For Celestina and Maja on Balcony were selected by audience members as their favorite and the best translation, respectively.

The Chinchillas, directed by Michael Agnew, was selected as the Audience Favorite.  It starred Clarence Wethern and Michael Venske as actors on an absurd gig.  It also featured Kate Greenwood Gunther in a silent role.

For Celestina and Maja on Balcony, directed by Christopher O. Kidder, was selected as the play that best captured the essence of the painting upon which it was based.  Based on the painting "Celestina y Maja", the play revolved around an aging woman's perceptions of a young woman as she watches an opera.  It starred Katherine Engel and Kate Greenwood Gunther.

Winners in Ticket Drawing Declared

Congratulations to Karla Feland and Brian Perry.  Each of them have won a pair of tickets to the opening night of A Klingon Christmas Carol.  Karla and Brian both filled out our audience survey at "Master Works: The Goya Plays".  In so doing, they got themselves entered into the drawing.  And they won!






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