The Devil's Ring

September 27 -October 26, 2014: The Raven Theatre, Chicago, IL

by Enrique Zumel
Translated by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

Directed by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

A battle of the sexes!
A battle of good versus evil!

A comedy of power and intrigue

His name is Thunder.  Alfonso Thunder.  And his sidekick is a big sword... well, he's named after a big sword, anyway.

In 1870, special effects were all the rage in Spain's Comedia de Magia (Magical Theatre).  Enrique Zumel's play El Anillo del Diablo (The Devil's Ring) was one of the best of the style: Devils, Angels, Explosions, Transformations, Disappearances, Trap Doors, Jugglers and Puppets.  It was the Special Effects spectacular of its day.

Now, for the first time in English, a world debut translation by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom will bring the spectacle and the laughs to the Raven Theatre's West Stage.  Don't miss out!