• "A Klingon Christmas Carol" in Chicago


  • A Klingon Christmas Carol

    November-December 2010: Landmark Center, Saint Paul, MN

    Playwrights: Christopher O. Kidder & Sasha Walloch
    Translated by: Laura Thurston, Bill Hedrick, and Christopher O. Kidder
    Additional Content and Translation by: Chris Lipscombe
    Lyrics to qu'wI' by: Terrence Donnelly


    Narrator Dawn Krosnowski Malicsi
    SQuja' (Scrooge) Kieran Adcock-Starr
    QachIt (Bob Cratchit) Adam Briesemeister
    vreD (Fred) Brian Watson-Jones
    Huch Qoy'wI' 1 (Fundraiser) Joel P. Anderson
    Huch Qoy'wI' 2 (Fundraiser) Laura Thurston
    marlI' (Jacob Marley) Hersley Alexander
    Kahless Past (Christmas Past) Andrew Northrop
    Qe'pa (a youth) Lana Rosario
    Qob (a youth) Adam Briesemeister
    Young SQuja (Young Scrooge) Zac Delventhal
    van (Fannie) Alissa Shellito
    veSIwIq (Fezziwig) George Richard
    wIlqInS (Dick Wilkins) Michael Brafford
    bel (Belle) Indira Addington
    Warrior 1 Hersley Alexander
    Warrior 2 George Richard
    Warrior 3 Indira Addington
    Guest I Michael Brafford
    Guest II Laura Thurston
    Guest III Joel P. Anderson
    Kahless Present Ryan Readio
    marja' (Mrs. Fred) Lana Rosario
    emlI' (Mrs. Cratchit) Laurel Armstrong
    marDa' (Martha Cratchit) Alissa Shellito
    tImHom (Tiny Tim) Himself (Operated by Andrew Northrop)
    (Corruption)(A creature) Alissa Shellito
    (Apathy)(A creature) Zac Delventhal
    Kahless Yet-To-Come Laura Thurston
    Merchant Ryan Readio
    Seller Brian Waston-Jones
    Boy Zac Delventhal



    Director: Erin Haynes
    Stage Manager:  Becca Rodgers
    Composer: Mike Hallenbeck
    Fight Choreographer: Teresa Lhotka
    Costume Design: Erin Haynes
    Sound Design: Forest Godfrey
    Lighting Design: Wu Chen Khoo
    Effects Design: Forest Godfrey
    Prosthetic Design: Bill Hedrick
    Weapon Master: George Richard
    Language Coaches: Laura Thurston, Christopher O. Kidder
    Assistant Stage Manager: Wynter Gingery
    Deck Hand: Stacie Scott
    Graphic Design: Christopher O. Kidder

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