• "A Klingon Christmas Carol" in Twin Cities
  • A Klingon Christmas Carol

    November-December 2010: Landmark Center, Saint Paul, MN



    A donation of $100 adopts one of the Klingons from "A Klingon Christmas Carol".

    As an adoptive parent, you will receive:

    An invitation to a special Meet-and-Greet reception to get to know your Klingon (If you dare!).
    An exclusive invitation to attend a rehearsal of "A Klingon Christmas Carol" and see the process in action.
    A VIP ticket to Opening Night of "A Klingon Christmas Carol" & a photo with your Klingon in costume (the Klingon, not you).
    Your name will appear here and in the show's program as the sponsors of your Klingon.

    SQuja' - KCC MN 2010SQuja' (Ebenezer Scrooge) -- A miser, a coward, and a Klingon without honor, SQuja' is clearly in need of help more than many other Klingons.  Some have said that he's beyond all hope, but we at Commedia Beauregard believe he can be saved from his dismal fate with the help of someone like you (played by Kieran Adcock-Starr).
    -- PARENT 1: Judith Kidder

    QachIt - KCC MNQachIt (Bob Crachit) -- Forced to work long hours for little pay this honorable Klingon still somehow manages to provide for his family despite the efforts of his employer to keep him destitute and overworked.  Your support can help to free him from the oppression he faces on a daily basis (played by Adam Briesmeister).

    vreD - KCC MNvreD (Nephew Fred) -- Always filled with the spirit of The Feast of the Long Night, this esteemed warrior diligently expends immense amounts of energy trying to convince his uncle that there is something wonderful about the Year Games.  His efforts have him tired, but your support could give him some extra umpf (played by Brian Watson-Jones).

    marja' - KCC MNmarja' (Mrs. Fred) -- A worthy warrior and mate, this Klingon dedicates her life to training herself and her husband to be ever ready. Every battalion needs someone to stir the emotions, and this is the Klingon that her clan turns to. Your support can ensure that her efforts continue to benefit everyone (played by Lana Rosario).

    marlI' - KCC MNmarlI' (Jacob Marley) -- Dead these many years and suffering more than most, this formerly dispicable Klingon is paying dearly for his misdeeds.  But how much suffering must one Klingon stand?  Wouldn't you like to be the one who assists in easing his continuing pain? (played by Hersley Alexander)

    Past - KCC MNGhost of qeylIS Past (Ghost of Christmas Past) -- Encompassing the spirit of the ideal Klingons of the past is a heavy burden to place on one so weak.  Commedia Beauregard sees hope for the future in the "Past".  Your gift will ensure that this spirit can go on changing lives for years to come (played by Andrew Northrop).

    van - KCC MNvan (Fannie, Scrooge's sister) -- A loving sister who is hurt deeply by her brother's deceptions.  For little more than the cost of a bowl of Serpent Worms a day, you can give this little Klingon hope again.  A brighter tomorrow among the stars is not out of her reach yet (played by Alissa Shellito).

    veSIwIq - KCC MNveSIwIq (Fezziwig) -- Klingon life is nothing without celebration.  And no celebration is complete without its host.  What would The Feast of the Long Night be without this noble Klingon?  We don't want to find out.  Please give with your hearts and insure his continued efforts (played by George Richard).

    wiLqInS - KCC MNwIlqInS (Dick Wilkins, one of Fezziwig's apprentices) -- What's a holiday celebration without a fight?  This Klingon knows that a rumble is a good way to pass the time.  Sure he's been in some small scrapes before, but with your assistance, this year he'll be able to do so much more (Michael Brafford).

    bel - KCC MNbel (Belle, Young Scrooge's love interest) -- Have you ever seen such a beautiful Klingon?  Her radiant beauty could go to waste without help from you.  As captain of a Battle Cruiser, we can't afford to lose her other talents, either.  Her deeds could become great songs with the proper support (played by Indira Addington).

    Present - KCC MNGhost of qeylIS Present (Ghost of Christmas Present) -- How can it be that the perfect embodiment of Klingon life is at risk of fading away so soon?  His time on this planet is short, but the potential impact he can have while here is amazing.  Don't let him go away without giving him a helping hand (played by Ryan Readio).

    tImHom (Tiny Tim) -- Born with fewer redundant organs than most Klingons, this little tyke has more spirit in his one heart than many have in their two.  But, unless someone steps forward with an offer of assistance, the future looks bleak for this little one.  Wouldn't it be better that one day he could carry a Batleth rather than a crutch? (played by tImHom the Puppet)


    emli' - KCC MN'emlI' (Mrs. Crachit) -- She's a mad mother with attitude.  Don't stand in her way, it could be painful for you.  Don't let others stand in her way, either.  By making a donation today, you can clear the path for her to uphold her family's honor and fight for her son's glorious future (played by Laurel Armstrong).


    Future - KCC MNGhost of qeylIS Yet-to-Come (Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come) -- There is a dark figure waiting for all of us.  Today is a good day to die, but what would happen if when life ended in glorious battle, there was no Grim Reaper.  Without your support uncounted Klingons may discover that their guide to Sto-Vo-Kor is missing (played by Laura Thurston).

    Boy - KCC MNBoy (A Klingon Child) -- A child without a single credit to his name, he must depend on the kindness of others to buy his first batleth. There is no place for the weak in the empire, but the eager youths aren't yet old enough to test their mettle. How can this one even have a fair shot without your help? (played by Zac Delventhal)


    Huch Qoy'wI' -- Not a grasping Ferengi, the Huch Qoy'wI' works to raise the capital to fund the training of the next generation of warriors who will serve the Empire with honor.  Your support will help him fulfill his mission! (Joel P. Anderson).

    The not so fine print:  Commedia Beauregard will schedule the Meet-and-Greet and the Special Rehearsal according to the production schedule of the 2009 production of "A Klingon Christmas Carol".  These dates will be set by the company and donors will be receive invitations to those specific dates.  Inability to attend on those dates does not entitle the donor to attend a rehearsal on a different date.

    Each Klingon is available on a First-Come-First-Served basis.  Because of this, and because of a bit of lag time in our donation system (through our fiscal agent), if you have chosen a Klingon who has the maximum number of parents, you will be contacted to make a new choice.  Each Klingon is limited to two (2) parents.  We apologize in advance for any disappointment this may cause.

    While poking fun at the Christian Children's Fund, this is not in any way affiliated with that program.  It is a fundraiser of Commedia Beauregard and the IKV RakHell of the Klingon Assault Group, specifically to assist in funding the continuation of "A Klingon Christmas Carol", the only full-length production ever done in the Klingon tongue on this planet.  No actual Klingons will suffer the horrible fates mentioned above as a result of this promotion/fundraiser.  Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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