By David Mann

June 1 - June 24: Greenhouse Theater Center, Chicago, IL

**Special Twitter Preview Performance** Thursday, May 31, 7:30pm
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He'll make you an offer thou canst not refuse

Corleone takes Mario Puzo's characters and asks, "What if Shakespeare had written The Godfather? Would Michael have been a prince and Fredo a fool?" David Mann's play answers that question, exploding into a poetic bloodbath of Shakespearean proprotions.

Corleone was a hit at the New York and Minnesota Fringe Festivals and now Mann has expanded his iambic pentameter mob tale parody into a full evening of theatre for Chicago audiences.

"...a memorable take on the Mob classic, is a treat for Shakespeare geeks and Puzo freaks alike....writer David Mann's crackling wordplay transforms a theatrical in-joke into a feat of language anyone could admire." --Diablo Cody

"As a fascinating new way to look at a classic,Corleoneis a witty, inventive, intelligent and fun evening that can appeal to fans of classic theatre and mafia stories alike."

"as amusing as it is to hear Puzo's lines delivered in iambic pentameter, the most surprising aspect of David Mann's production is how reverently it approaches its source material…..the show's striving for emotional truth would undoubtedly make Mr. Coppola proud, indeed."