June - July 2012: Greenhouse Theater Center, Chicago, IL

Playwrights: David Mann
Directed by: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

He'll make you an offer thou canst not refuse

Corleone takes Mario Puzo's characters and asks, "What if Shakespeare had written The Godfather?  Would Michael have been a prince and Fredo a fool?"  David Mann's play answers that question, exploding into a poetic bloodbath of Shakespearean proprotions.


Zed (Stephen Dale) is held at swordpoint by Butch (Zach Livingston) after an awkward altercation. Vincenzio (Josh Zagoren) and Julius (Jovan King) wash the blood off their hands. Julius (Jovan King) and Vincenzio de la Vega (Josh Zagoren) argue about Cottage Pie in a special version of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese scene. Brittanus (Jake Jones) realizes that things are not going to go well for him. Butch (Zach Livingston) and Lord Marcellus Wallace (Reggie Vaughn) mean serious business when they fight. Date night at the Slender Hare:  Mia Wallace (Jacqueline Davies) and Vincenzio de la Vega (Josh Zagoren) place their orders to Bess (Megan Green).

The Cast & Crew

Vito Jerome R. Marzullo
Michael Nathan Pease
Fredo Philip Zimmermann
Sonny Chris Lysy
Tom Hagen Jovan King
Kay Abby Stark
Connie Christina Romano
Johnny Fontane Jeremy Cohn
Luca Brasi Duke Faeger
Sollozzo Richard Traub
Attacker 1 Jeremy Cohn
Attacker 2 Duke Faeger
Tessio Philip Zimmermann
Bonasera Richard Traub
Carlo Jovan King
Painter Richard Traub
Chorus 1 Christina Romano
Chorus 2 Duke Faeger
Chorus 3 Abby Stark
Lucy Christina Romano
Woltz Phil Zimmermann
Stable Hand Chris Lysy
Tataglia Jovan King
Stracci Richard Traub
Barzini Duke Faeger
Cuneo Philip Zimmermann
Luca Chorus Jovan King
Hospital Murderer 1 Abby Stark
Hospital Murderer 2 Chris Lysy
McCluskey Philip Zimmermann
McCluskey's Man Richard Traub
Dancer 1 Abby Stark
Dancer 2 Christina Romano
Moe Greene Chris Lysy
Clemenza Richard Traub
Waiter Duke Faeger
Apollonia Christina Romano
Connie's messenger Philip Zimmermann
Servant 1 Chris Lysy
Servant 2 Philip Zimmermann
Vito's messenger Christina Romano
Final Murderer Duke Faeger
Priest Jerome R. Marzullo

Director: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Assistant Director:  Celia Forest
Stage Manager:  Nikki Marquardt
Dramaturg:  Jacqueline Davies
Fight Choreographer:  Zach Livingston
Fight Captain:  Nathan Pease
Costume Design:  Lindsay Schmeling
Projections Design:  Nikki Marquardt
Production Design (Set, Lights, Sound):  Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Sound Board Operator:  Nathaniel Nesheim-Case
Melody Composition:  Jeremy Cohn
Props Design:  Josh Zagoren
Blood Effects:  Amy Hopkins
Master Carpenter:  Richard Traub
Master Electrician:  Devon Mackay
Painting:  Jason Markoff, Ali Kidder-Mostrom, Devon Mackay
Language Coach:  Philip Zimmermann
Casting:  John Morrison
Casting Associate:  Ali Kidder-Mostrom
Photography:  Jennifer Macias
Graphic Design:  Devon Mackay, David Mann
Publicity:  Jennifer Usellis Mackay
Tralier Production:  Clark Bender

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Corleone, a memorable take on the Mob classic, is a treat for Shakespeare geeks and Puzo freaks alike.

-- Diablo Cody