Bard Fiction

March - April 2012: Greenhouse Theater Center, Chicago, IL

Playwrights: Ben Tallen, Aaron Green,
Brian Watson-Jones and the members
of the Pulp Bard Wiki
Directed by: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

Tarantino meets Shakespeare:

Honor. Betrayal. Foot rubs.

Bard Fiction takes the characters and story from Tarantino’s cult classic film and makes them a part of the London underworld in Elizabethan England.  It’s pop-culture meets high-culture and the result is exciting for fans of Shakespeare and Pulp Fiction alike.

The story follows the seedy characters of Tarantino's opus, now part of London's underworld, in seemingly disparate plotlines that merge in unexpected ways.


Zed (Stephen Dale) is held at swordpoint by Butch (Zach Livingston) after an awkward altercation. Vincenzio (Josh Zagoren) and Julius (Jovan King) wash the blood off their hands. Julius (Jovan King) and Vincenzio de la Vega (Josh Zagoren) argue about Cottage Pie in a special version of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese scene. Brittanus (Jake Jones) realizes that things are not going to go well for him. Butch (Zach Livingston) and Lord Marcellus Wallace (Reggie Vaughn) mean serious business when they fight. Date night at the Slender Hare:  Mia Wallace (Jacqueline Davies) and Vincenzio de la Vega (Josh Zagoren) place their orders to Bess (Megan Green).

The Cast & Crew

Pumpkin Pie Stephen Dale
Meadsweet Coney Jennifer Usellis
Tavern Wench Megan Green
Julius Winfield Jovan King
Vincenzio de la Vega Josh Zagoren
Brittanus Jake Jones
Marvin Jason Markoff
Roger Kevin Alves
Lord Marcellus Wallace Reggie Vaughn
Butch Coolidge, a boxer Zach Livingston
Scottish Dave, a tavern-keeper Clark Bender
Lancelot, an apothecary Kevin Alves
Juno, his wife Ashley Boots
Lady Mia Wallace Jacqueline Davies
Bess, a server at the Slender Hare Megan Green
Sprint, a messenger Sara Wolfson
Norman, a boxing trainer Phil Zimmermann
Fabiana Megan Green
Ghost of Butch's Father Clark Bender
Esmerelda de las Vias Tres Ashley Boots
Maynard, a rustic Phil Zimmerman
Zed, a rustic Stephen Dale
The Gimp, a fallen lord Clark Bender
Jacob, a coffee enthusiast Andrew Brown-Thomas
Baron Winston DeWulf Jerome Marzullo
Claudio Andrew Brown-Thomas

Director: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Stage Manager:  Nikki Marquardt
Assistant Stage Manager:  Ann Dernbach
Musical Score:  Il Troubadore
Fight Choreographer:  Zach Livingston
Technical Director: Devon Mackay
Costumer Design:  kClare Kemock
Costume Assistant:  Louisa J Hallas
Lighting Design:  Eric Van Tassel
Lighting Assistant:  Katie Minix
Sound Design:  Ian Feigle
Props Design:  Joshua Hurley
Set Construction:  Devon Mackay
Painting:  Josh Zagoren, Jason Markoff
Language Coach:  Phil Zimmermann
Casting Associate:  Jamie Bragg
Male Understudy:  Dan Toot
Photography: Scott Pakudaitis, Jennifer Macias
Graphic Design: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom & Tedious Brief Productions
Postering Crew:  Ali Kidder-Mostrom, Christina Romano, Paul T.

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I’m of the opinion that if you want to get youth to truly appreciate Shakespeare’s works, exposing them to a production like “Bard Fiction” will help them gain a similar appreciation.

-- Elliott Serrano, RedEye Chicago
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