Screwed to the Sticking Place

August 2006: Minnesota Fringe Festival, Xperimental Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Playwright: William Shakespeare and the Company
Created by: Sasha Walloch and the Company

Lady MacBeth hires Juliet's displaced nurse, Ophelia relives her death with Desdemona, and Lady Mortimer still has no lines.  Will a bawdy dance and a broken lightbulb send them over the edge?  Ask Cordelia! 

A company created piece that celebrated Shakespeare's women and translated their stories into modern situations while utilizing the bard's own words. Using physical theatre methods, Sasha Walloch guided the cast in creating a moving piece that explored the characters more deeply than they ever were before.


Screwed to the Sticking Place - Cordelia, Lear, and Lear's Lawyer Screwed to the Sticking Place - Jane Schrantz and Kate Greenwood Gunther Screwed to the Sticking Place - Katie Rose McLaughlin (with others in larger picture) Screwed to the Sticking Place - Katie Kaufmann and Markell Kiefer Screwed to the Sticking Place - Two Cleopatras

The Cast & Crew

Company Ann Brummer
  Kate Greenwood Gunther
  Katie Kaufmann
  Kari Kelly
  Markell Kieffer
  Katie Rose McLaughlin
  Jane Schrantz

Director: Sasha Walloch
Stage Manager:  Fletcher Hirom
Sound Designer:  Rob Whithoff
Graphic Designer: Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

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