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Translation isn't always limited to being between one language and another. You can also translate between one art form and another. The Master Works Series endeavors to explore translating the works of painters, sculptors, and artists of other physical media, into works for the stage.

The Twin Cities home for the Master Works Series is the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. Look for productions every February and October.

The Chicago home for the Master Works Series is Gorilla Tango Theater. Look for our first offering in March 2011.

Up Next in Minneapolis: The Museum Louvre It Or Leave It Plays

Up Next in Chicago: The Museum of Bad Art Plays



The Rembrandt Plays - Winter 2010 (Minneapolis)

The Goya Plays - Fall 2009 (Minneapolis)

The Museum of Bad Art Plays - Winter 2009 (Minneapolis)




Having seen the previous two installments of the Master Works series, I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Justin Maxwell, Audience Review, Minnesota PlayList
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